Our lawyers have outstanding capacity in the industry of banking and finance. We represent borrowers and lenders in all types of financial transactions. We also have extensive skills as advisers to banks and other financial institutions on business establishment and corporate issues. Our attorneys have unique experience of working within the banking and finance sector and thus we have the capacity to handle legal issues ranging from large, complex international transactions to small local matters.

We have an extensive experience that includes bilateral and syndicated loans, bond issues, structured financing, project financing, acquisitions financing, export and property financing, leasing as well as compliance and authorization matters.

By uniting expertise in the international banking and finance industry with expertise in local legislation and industry practices, our lawyers have become effective advisors in a growing finance market.


Akram Hasanov and Partners provides legal advice on all aspects of corporate and commercial law. We have extensive experience advising Azerbaijani and foreign companies, financial institutions, foundations and other entities.

Our recommendations allow customers to create effective systems of corporate governance, minimize risks optimize taxation, increase the capitalization and improve corporate “transparency” in order to attract investors.

Akram Hasanov and Partners has extensive experience in legal support of joint ventures creation including drafting and negotiation of complex shareholders agreements. In addition, our team has extensive experience in the preparation of constituent documents and internal regulations of companies based on the needs of each specific client.

Akram Hasanov and Partners provides its clients with advice on current issues that arise in the course of their daily activities and advises on the realization of complex projects. Our lawyers have significant experience in projects that are subject to multiple jurisdictions.


We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating various types of commercial contracts including sale and purchase, loan, lease, construction, distribution, franchising agreement etc.


Akram Hasanov and Partners advises corporate clients on all aspects of employment law.

We have extensive experience in preparing both employment contracts and service contracts with outsourced staff. Our employment-related advice is highly integrated with tax implications and labor migration issues. We may help clients in establishing effective payroll structure in order to optimize tax and social insurance burden.

We provide legal assistance in connection with termination and dismissal of employees, both in case of individual dismissals and in case of major redundancies.

Akram Hasanov and Partners also provides advice in connection with labor inspections.

Our long experience and deep knowledge of Azerbaijani labor law will help you avoid unexpected claims from employees and labor inspection authorities.


Akram Hasanov and Partners assists clients in the registration, exploitation, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Our expertise covers rights applicable to patents and trademarks, trade secrets and copyright.

Besides possessing considerable expertise in providing legal advice and drawing up contracts concerning intellectual property rights in general, Akram Hasanov and Partners has experience in litigating disputes over intellectual property and marketing rights, including cases concerning prevention of “grey imports”, disputes regarding trademarks and domain names, as well as other cases pertaining to intellectual property right infringement.


As we fully understand the complexity of Azerbaijani tax system we concentrate on high integration of our legal services with tax implications.

Our lawyers are well trained in identifying tax risks in all business transactions that are commonly applicable to business in Azerbaijan. We will contribute to utmost legal compliance and predictability in your tax strategies.

Our lawyers will revise your domestic and cross border transactions for compliance with Azerbaijani tax law. Our expertise covers such comprehensive fields as VAT, profit and income tax, land and property taxes, import taxes and duties, managing undocumented expenses, complicated subcontracting structures etc. We possess a special expertise in advising on complex engagement of non-resident contractors by suggesting flexible options for avoiding VAT and withholding tax, including onshore and offshore splits of contracts.


Akram Hasanov and Partners’s legal team is among the most distinguished and experienced lawyers in Azerbaijan in the field of dispute settlement and mediation. Most of Akram Hasanov and Partners lawyers are admitted to local bar. Our records include tens of cases judicially won or settled amicably. As a rule, reaching amicable solution between the client and its vis-à-vis is our major goal which distinguishes us in Azerbaijani legal market.

Our lawyers have vast experience in providing business to business debt collection services including amicable debt settlement, presenting of cease and desist claims, representation of clients in courts and enforcement of judgements.

Akram Hasanov and Partners will be happy to offer you our immense expertise in dispute settlement procedures including:

  • Pre-trial dispute settlement;
  • Litigation;
  • Arbitration;
  • Administrative disputes; and
  • Enforcement of judgments and awards.


Our lawyers possess unique practical experience of focusing on particular issues relating to land and immovables transactions and construction projects. We advise and provide comprehensive legal support on a wide range of issues linked to land, immovables and construction:

We have quite long and successful tradition of providing banks and corporate clients with our due diligence products. We possess a unique expertise in title investigations including factors leading to decrease of the price of purchased property. We will thoroughly search title using data from official register and other informational resources. Our due diligence product always covers authority checks including verification of corporate approval procedures. In case of a pledged or leased property you will be provided with a detailed legal analysis of the legal status including indication of all possible risks.

Our services include negotiations with counterparts, public and municipal authorities as well as obtaining all necessary consents and registrations.


Akram Hasanov and Partners provides specialized advisory services on a number of legal areas related to M&A. We advise buyers and sellers as well as their advisors and financial partners.

Our clients can be sure to receive advisory services that include expertise from all our legal disciplines, which the specific transaction requires.

Most important part of our M&A legal services relates to M&A legal due diligence services in which our team has extensive experience, including some leading privatizations in Azerbaijan.


We provide our Clients with high-quality translation services completed on a tight timetable and arrange certification of the translation by a notary.

We guarantee strict confidentiality of the information received from our clients.